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Marty and the Hands that Could by Josh Wilder

Yale School of Drama: Iseman Theater

Directed by Lucie Dawkins

Scenic Designer, John Bondi-Ernoehazy

Costume Designer, Matthew R. Malone

Lighting Designer, Samuel Kwan Chin Chan

Sound Designer, Andrew Rovner

Projection Designer, Brittany Bland

Production Dramatury, Kari Olmon

Technical Director, Ross Wick

Stage Manager, Olivia Plath


Marty and the Hands That Could” tells the story of Marty, who was released from prison on the eve of his 25th birthday. Marty returns home to his family in South Philly, equipped with a handwritten manuscript and big dreams to turn his life around. But his cousin Junior has also come home with problems of his own, setting them on a collision course as they struggle to break free of the curse that has haunted their family for generations. The play asks: Can Marty put his hands to good use, or is his fate already written?

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