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Yale Caberet Presents: This American Wife

Yale Cabaret

Created and performed by Michael Breslin and Patrick Foley


Producers: Melissa Rose & Lucy Bacqué
Dramaturgs: Ariel Sibert & Catherine María Rodríguez
Stage Manager: Olivia Plath
Technical Director: Austin Byrd
Set Designer: Gerardo Díaz Sánchez
Costume Designer: Cole McCarty
Lighting Designer: Nic Vincent
Sound Designer: Michael Costagliola
Projection Designers: Brittany Bland & Wladimiro A. Woyno R.
Director of Photography: Amauta Marston-Firmino

Video Content Creation and Editing: Michael Breslin

On screens across the world, women call themselves “real” while they scream, cry, and scam their way to the top. Teresa flips tables, Vicki fakes cancer, and Luann is getting married! Meanwhile, spiraling in shame in their bedrooms, Michael and Patrick clandestinely binge on the gaudy lives and savvy strategies of these expert women. Magically, one day they meet and embark on a joint journey to articulate their mutual humiliation. A multi-media theatre and dance work, THIS AMERICAN WIFE is an investigation into Michael and Patrick’s experiences of obsession, queerness, performance, and the deep desire to run with a fabulous circle of people.

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