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Tent Revival by Majkin Holmquist

Yale School of Drama: Iseman Theater

Directed by Rory Pelsue

Choreographer, Michael Breslin

Scenic Designer,  Gerado Diaz Sanchez

Costume Designer,  Mika H. Eubanks

Lighting Designer, Samuel Kwan Chi Chan

Sound Designer, Kathryn Ruvuna

Projection Designer, Brittany Bland

Production Dramaturg, Charles O'Malley

Technical Director, Ross Wick

Stage Manager, Christina Fontana


Tent Revival” is set during the during the evangelical revivalist tradition of the mid-20th century. The play tells the story of Ida, a young woman on the road with her family, pitching their tent, and spreading the Word. As they travel from one small Kansas town to another, Ida wrestles with doubt, questions her father’s “gift,” and struggles to find her own voice on the wide midwestern plains.